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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bedrest, again!

This is how I'm supposed to be spending my days, tilted up like this fella. I wish I had his book/computer stand and bed!! Can somebody please find one of these and ship it to me?? :)
The blog may go a bit neglected for a while because I'm on full bedrest now, and having to take labor stopping drugs to keep lil' Blaze inside! Prayers are appreciated, for sure. In the mean time, I found a cartoon that tells you what it REALLY looks like around my couch just now, where I've set up housekeeping, er, bedkeeping, er, yeah.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Really original title, eh? Oh well, I'm lacking brain cells at the moment. I can feel them all slipping down, being channeled into the placenta, and taking up residence in the new baby!
Please excuse my rambling!
I've been thinking that I might like to spend some of my time on bedrest working on the RiverSchooling (tm) (*wink*) stuff. I'd like to get a lot more of what's in my head onto the computer, and then put more of it in action with the children. Especially since we can't go anywhere right now, even to church. Church is 45 minutes away, and I'm on bedrest, so Andrew has decided that everyone should stay home with me, as I'm too "high risk" to leave alone for that long! Boy do I miss church though... it just couldn't be any better, except that every single week it is!! There is no outer limit to being better and better, I believe! Except one of these weeks I might dissolve in sheer bliss... that's the only danger! Speaking of Bliss... I want to purchase a Moffatt version of the Bible (or as my darling adoptive River mom calls it.. the Mo Phat version!) Apparently, the word "bliss" is used to great effect in that translation! :)
See, I'm rambling... isn't there a song about being a rambling man? maybe I can change the lyrics to rambling girl... *grin*
The children are finishing up several of their books for school. I'm excited as we get closer to "done". I can't wait to order the new stuff... I love the smell of new school books! :)
Today is so nice, I wonder if I can't find a way to get down to the swimming pool and do bedrest down there, so the kids can have some fun in the sun. I can rest on the lounge chairs there, and sip something yummy, and maybe have the rest of that quiet time I started this morning. No matter how early I get up, or how quiet I am, the children wake up 10 minutes or so after! It's like they have an internal "mommy is awake" sensor that sends an alarm to the brain and rouses them from sleep. This sensor is located in the same area of the brain as the "Wake up! Daddy just kissed Mommy!" sensor. I'd really like to get a silencer for that last one! :)
Well, Duty Calls.
Have a blessed TODAY!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


My dear sister Alipurr asked about RiverSchooling. I'll tell you what I know so far!
River Schooling is a term that my other dear sister Jessica and I came up with. We want to impart to our children all the fabulous things we've learned over the last many years... I guess it's a sort of radical form of "Christian Education!"

They drink their fill of the abundance of Your house; And You give them to drink of the river
of Your delights. Psalms 36:8

It's all about experiencing God, and going into the deep places of His Spirit... It's about worship, it's about hearing from Him, it's about really LIVING in and walking in the fullness of our relationship with Him. I'm still trying to distill a concise definition for RiverSchooling, which isn't easy because it encompasses so much! It's not just for our children, but for ourselves as well.
What I can do is give a few examples of our "cirriculum" for River Schooling. We're in process of putting more stuff together, organizing it, and maybe writing up an article about it.
But for now, here's an item or two! (Ali, email me if you want more!)
In the subject area of Worship:

Create a Worship center in your home, a single area that can serve many purposes. Things to include:

1) A container for storing flags, timbrels, Ribbon sticks, finger rings with flowing streamers, tambourines, and musical instruments. Shofar or trumpets if you have them!

2) A basket for holding easy-to-read Bibles, notebooks, and pens. Have separate notebooks for each member of the family, and if needed, provide extra notebooks for dreams, for creative stories or jotting down spontaneous songs, poems or for writing down encouraging words or visions. This is especially good practice for the children!

3) An “art” cart or table, or even a plastic box with art supplies inside for prophetic painting, drawing and coloring. A roll of paper or a pad of newsprint that more than one person at a time can work on is nice to have. Sketchbooks and watercolor paper/supplies are nice to have also! Colored pencils, pens, markers and crayons are a must, and glitter and glue may be appropriate for some.

4) Floor pillows are a wonderful investment to use while “soaking” and can be useful when you have a lot of company also! Some good quiet worship music is good to have on hand, as well as some more vibrant, joyful worship as well! Having a variety is good, including instrumental. Encourage the children to sing new songs to the Lord, to make up the words as they go. Writing down those spontaneous song lyrics can make a precious treasure for your family!

In the subject area of Living Scriptures:

Illustrate the Scriptures. Have young children draw pictures from stories or images in verses. Have older children learn to write the scriptures (or print them out!) in beautiful scripts or caligraphy, and decorate with meaningful images, like the Irish used to do with their illuminated manuscripts. For the really ambitious, have the children use a series of verses on a single subject (i.e., fruit) to create a picture. Ask the Holy Spirit to "illuminate" the word and write it in your hearts, and allow Him to give you the pictures, images, and illustrations that relate to the verses.

That's just a couple of examples, there's ever so much more, but right now my dear husband needs my help to make pancakes from a mix. He's brilliant, a veritable genius, but it's touching that he's in need of wifely help to mix instant pancakes! :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Homeschooling and the Daily Routine

Well, Today I'm concentrating on helping the children get caught up in their studies. We're a bit behind due to the bedrest, the morning sickness I had earlier, and of course, the flu and bronchitis didn't help either! :) But by adding a few extra pages in a few subjects, they should be finished mid-June. Then we'll have some vacation time to get ready for the baby and goof off mostly (those who know me know I'll have to have some kind of review or drills or something going on even if it is "summer vacation"!).
I'm planning on getting my cirriculum early enough to divide the first semester into individual packets of materials for each day. That way, I will have a bit more freedom to nurse, sleep in, shower, and feed myself after the baby comes! :)

I also picked up some "chore charts" at the teacher supply store. Bright and colorful, a week at a time, the kids love having the schedule and chores listed for each one. (They like getting to add checks or stars, and earning the rewards, that's for sure!) I really thought they'd be out of that phase, but apparently, what's old is new again! This helps me since I'm on bedrest, they can check the chart and know what else to do, and check it off to make sure they've done what's expected.

Now I just need to add "River-Schooling" into our routine more. (With obvious adjustments for me laying down!) So far, so good! :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Resting and Waiting

I'm rediscovering what it means to rest. With my last pregnancy I spent a lot of time on bedrest, and I'm getting to do that again! So far I'm on modified bedrest, which means I have more freedom to do the necessary things like shower and go to Doctor's appointments, but I'm not allowed to do any housework or do anything else that might trigger contractions. 25 weeks and counting. Next week I'll see the perinatologist and hopefully find out what the game plan is for managing things for the next 10 weeks or so.
The baby continues to grow and wiggle and basically just delight us in every way!
I am craving funny foods though... fresh cold strawberries and Funyuns, for goodness' sake! French onion soup and ice cream sandwhiches... Thai soup and Thai iced tea... oh wait, that one's pretty normal for me!
My DH is such a sweetheart, so tender, so gentle, so good at taking care of me and the baby and the children. He continues to amaze me with his generosity, his kindness, and his love. One of my ER nurses kept pointing out how impressed they all were with him, in stark contrast to most of the husbands who come in with wives in my condition (having contractions, etc.) He *is* exceptional! God has shown me once again how great His love for me is, and how much favor He pours out on me!
Well, back to the couch to catch up on my rest some more!