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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Really original title, eh? Oh well, I'm lacking brain cells at the moment. I can feel them all slipping down, being channeled into the placenta, and taking up residence in the new baby!
Please excuse my rambling!
I've been thinking that I might like to spend some of my time on bedrest working on the RiverSchooling (tm) (*wink*) stuff. I'd like to get a lot more of what's in my head onto the computer, and then put more of it in action with the children. Especially since we can't go anywhere right now, even to church. Church is 45 minutes away, and I'm on bedrest, so Andrew has decided that everyone should stay home with me, as I'm too "high risk" to leave alone for that long! Boy do I miss church though... it just couldn't be any better, except that every single week it is!! There is no outer limit to being better and better, I believe! Except one of these weeks I might dissolve in sheer bliss... that's the only danger! Speaking of Bliss... I want to purchase a Moffatt version of the Bible (or as my darling adoptive River mom calls it.. the Mo Phat version!) Apparently, the word "bliss" is used to great effect in that translation! :)
See, I'm rambling... isn't there a song about being a rambling man? maybe I can change the lyrics to rambling girl... *grin*
The children are finishing up several of their books for school. I'm excited as we get closer to "done". I can't wait to order the new stuff... I love the smell of new school books! :)
Today is so nice, I wonder if I can't find a way to get down to the swimming pool and do bedrest down there, so the kids can have some fun in the sun. I can rest on the lounge chairs there, and sip something yummy, and maybe have the rest of that quiet time I started this morning. No matter how early I get up, or how quiet I am, the children wake up 10 minutes or so after! It's like they have an internal "mommy is awake" sensor that sends an alarm to the brain and rouses them from sleep. This sensor is located in the same area of the brain as the "Wake up! Daddy just kissed Mommy!" sensor. I'd really like to get a silencer for that last one! :)
Well, Duty Calls.
Have a blessed TODAY!


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