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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Homeschooling and the Daily Routine

Well, Today I'm concentrating on helping the children get caught up in their studies. We're a bit behind due to the bedrest, the morning sickness I had earlier, and of course, the flu and bronchitis didn't help either! :) But by adding a few extra pages in a few subjects, they should be finished mid-June. Then we'll have some vacation time to get ready for the baby and goof off mostly (those who know me know I'll have to have some kind of review or drills or something going on even if it is "summer vacation"!).
I'm planning on getting my cirriculum early enough to divide the first semester into individual packets of materials for each day. That way, I will have a bit more freedom to nurse, sleep in, shower, and feed myself after the baby comes! :)

I also picked up some "chore charts" at the teacher supply store. Bright and colorful, a week at a time, the kids love having the schedule and chores listed for each one. (They like getting to add checks or stars, and earning the rewards, that's for sure!) I really thought they'd be out of that phase, but apparently, what's old is new again! This helps me since I'm on bedrest, they can check the chart and know what else to do, and check it off to make sure they've done what's expected.

Now I just need to add "River-Schooling" into our routine more. (With obvious adjustments for me laying down!) So far, so good! :)


Blogger Alipurr said...

What is river schooling? Loved this post about daily routine and homeschooling. It encourages me to know how doable it all is, even if you are pregnant and on bedrest. I don't officially start kindergarten until the fall with my 4 yr old, and I have no curriculum, a few workbooks, and mostly a lot of ideas in my head. The only thing I concentrated on this year was trying to have a daily routine, and doing whatever my 4 yr old was interested in. After the whole year, the routine is boiled down to getting dressed/breakfast, free play while mommy cleans (unless they want to help), lunch, then no TV time. This is the time when books get read, or workbooks done, or games played. Hopefully, it is also the time when my 2 yr old naps, but it hardly ever works out at a regular time. When the little one wakes up, then we do a craft and that distracts little one from n u r s i n g. (Shhhh, I didn't want to say it, or she'll wake up :) ). Then comes more cleaning and dinner prep. Wow....when I type it out like that it does sound like a routine! It doesn't include all the interruptions from going places, and potty training, and fixing snacks, and sibling peace negotiations. Anyway, I hope you get everything done!

4:33 AM  
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