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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

We're always being told to go to our "happy place" when undergoing something stressful or difficult or painful... Well, thats fine and good, but I think I'd like to live in My Happy Place. :) The dishes are always done in My Happy Place, and the Laundry folds itself. The children are squeaky clean and well groomed, and my husbands socks never hide in dark places like under the couch or under the desk. There is both sunlight and shade in My Happy Place, and rainbows and fluffy white clouds fill the sky like cheap wallpaper from the early 80's. There is sand and sea, it looks rather like the Maldives, on closer inspection! Fragrant floral breezes are constantly wafting by, made by the wind running its fingers through real flowers - not created by some phony plug-in air freshener! Oh, and there is Thai food there... the good stuff. Red Curry Prawns and Red Curry Chicken and Red Curry anything else! Every half an hour or so, a tray comes around with a glass of Thai Iced Tea or a Sonic Route 66 Diet Cherry Limade (extra cherries, thank you!) or a Lemon Ice from JJ's deli in the town where I grew up. (I heard they don't make those anymore... no reason to go back there now, I guess!) In My Happy Place, there is good music being created on the spot, worship music of the highest order. And there's a swinging hammock with a silky, tasseled throw and fluffy pillows in soft, brushed cotton pillowcases. Oh, and there is a small bookcase overflowing with good books yet to be read, an easel set up and waiting for inspiration to come, a camera handy for capturing beautiful things both large and small, and an endless supply of crisp, clean, white paper and colorful, glittering gel pens in every shade and hue.
Since I can't live in my happy place, maybe I'll share a little of it from time to time. It's quite a large place, you know! Maybe you'll find yourself written into the scene!