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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Good news!

Dh went to see about getting my laptop fixed up, and instead came home with a new one for me! It blows my old one away, and its the nice wireless kind so I can use it laying down! :) He's just so good to me! He's been worried about me being too bored while just laying down all the time, and I am tired of reading and tired of television, so this is a perfect gift! He said he'd been wanting to get me a new one for a while anyway. I think he's still going to have the old one fixed up a bit (upgraded) and give it to the kids. That way they each will have a comp. to do some of their school work on, instead of taking turns on the "kid computer" or using our regular one. I guess we're a computerized family now. Only the baby (after he arrives!) will have to do without! haha!

It's a beautiful day here... one of my favorites all year! Pentecost Sunday. Here's something I wrote about it on my board: I've always loved it since I discovered it as a little girl. This is like the bookend to Easter for me... it just naturally goes together somehow and I look at it like Christmas too... Christmas was when we got the awesome gift of the very Presence of God (Jesus!) right here on the earth... Pentecost is when we got the awesome gift of the very Presence of God (Holy Spirit!!) right here INSIDE us! :) It's like a birthday! The anniversary of the coming of my very dearly Beloved (can't live without Him!) Spirit. No wonder Jesus was so reassuring to His followers when He had to go... He knew Who the Father was sending, and He was HAPPY for us! :) He was seeing His prayer answered about us all being One in Him, in the Father, in the Spirit... that beautiful "Trinity Loop" was about to be expanded to include all of us! How amazing is that?????!!!!!!

Have a Full-of-the-Spirit Sunday!!