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Thursday, January 27, 2005

A little bit about my church and church family... Blazing Fire in Pleasanton, CA.

Being under the wings of Brent and Suzanne Lokker is like being in the express lane to restoration, healing, love, blessing, destiny, and all that the Father's heart holds for us!!! Blazing Fire is a beautiful place to be, where the leaders really have given over complete control to the Holy Spirit and are just excited to follow HIS lead! Every week I see the Kingdom expanded in glorious ways; the increase of Jesus' rule and reign is exponential in this place! Every week it seems we go to new heights, and heaven comes down in greater degrees! Brent stands like a beacon, declaring Daddy's awesome love and favor over every single one of us, giving us permission to be who we already are! Suzanne's beaming face and beautiful smile (not to mention some of the most loving, imparting hugs available on earth!) are such a healing force that many find themselves basking in the warm glow of an open heaven just from being near her! We feel so blessed and priveledged to be where we are in this moment, this very special, historic moment. Everyone keeps feeling a sense of awe, one that is growing stronger by the week! The elders here remind me of those in John's Revelation, because they're always around the throne, always worshipping, always with the High praises of God in their mouths! Carla, Dan and Amy just *glow* in the Spirit!! The faces of so many beautiful people that I know and am getting to know at Blazing Fire will often come to mind throughout the week, and I find myself rejoicing and interceeding and thanking God for them! Every Saturday night a room full of Pioneers in the Spirit, Trailblazers, Lightning Rods, and World Changers gather, and boy, is the air SUPERCHARGED!! Last week I ended up in the floor before the soaking time even started! This is church like I always dreamed it could be...and I hear the Lord saying, But wait!!! There's more!
Thank You LORD! We want MORE of You!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Lisa-Anne!!! :)
Love you so much, and can't wait to come visit. ;)

7:41 PM  
Blogger Mama Lamba said...

It's so awesome to be right where you know God wants you, isn't it? What a blessing to have the church you've always wanted. Love ya, sister...

6:37 AM  

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