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Thursday, January 20, 2005

In Omnia Paratus! (or, Ready for Anything!)

Ya know, being a Christian means ya oughta be ready for anything! Expect the unexpected...
believe the impossible is not just possible, but *probable*! Now, I don't mean that we should be BoyScout-prepared, or have an earthquake kit handy (that'd be a blizzard/tornado kit for the rest of y'all back home!)... What I mean is just that we should be eagerly anticipating the next awesome "surprise" our Daddy God has in store for us! We of all people should view life as the greatest adventure ever known, and make the most of every minute!
I watched a show where a young girl away at college is allowed to join a secret group for a newspaper story. She was blindfolded and driven away to a remote location. (NO! Don't leave, it isn't CSI or anything like it! I promise!) When the blindfold came off, she was shocked to find a beautifully set up campsite complete with feast and individual tents and even lanterns on a table to light their way. There was much singing and eating and dancing and playing of intellectual games (and quite a bit of drinking too, but hey, it's a show about a girl in college!) The thing that struck me most was the passion for living a full life that this group seemed to embody. The next morning, the girl is surprised to find a beautiful blue dress and scarf under her cot, perfectly suited and fitted to her! Nothing was left undone... there was even a bowl and pitcher with water and towels in her tent. Everything was provided! She emerged, dressed beautifully (without even knowing ahead of time that she'd be there overnight). There was much celebration and revelry, and more than a few shenanigans. I found myself LONGING to be friends with these folks, even forgetting for a moment that they're just actors on a screen and not real at all. The most amazing moment came when the young girl, being challenged to climb to a great height (in a Paris Couture gown and slippers!) took a huge risk. She and her male escort made their way to a high platform and were "buckled" onto a contraption designed by an engineering student. (note: MSU students, do not try this at home. The engineering department is not that great!) The fella told her she could back out, but she replied, "You jump, I jump, Jack!" and with umbrellas in hand they jumped 80 feet to the ground below and landed beautifully! (I understand the hydraulics involved in this stunt, and yes, it is indeed possible! It brought my days of being a Bungee Jumper and Instructor vividly back to mind!)
The girl, quite giddy, turned to her friend and said, "That was a once in a lifetime experience!" and his response ( which so shook me that I've written this long blog all about it!) was, "Only if you want it to be!"
There was so much spiritual truth in that episode it'd take me a month of Sundays to preach all the points! But here are a couple!
WE are those people! At least, we're supposed to be! We're supposed to be the happiest, most joyful, vibrantly alive people on the planet... like pockets of daylight walking around in a world that only knows night! Everywhere we go, we should light the place up, as if a spotlight tracked us from heaven! (it DOES, ya know!!!)
We SHOULD be feasting... Feasting on the Bread of Life and the New Wine that makes us so incredibly inebriated from drinking deep the drafts of the Spirit!
We CAN live life fully, and fully live life... everything is brighter, richer, deeper, lovlier, sweeter, more fragrant and more alive because the Spirit of God has come in and breathed His life into us!
We're supposed to be more merry and have more fun than folks who don't know Jesus. The somber days of the Religious are over (THANK GOD!) and the new days of walking in freedom are here! (it was for freedom that He set us free!)
SO LAUGH! Dance with wild abandon! Drink deeply from the river of His delights! Our GOD is alive and passionate for His Bride! Get carried away, in His arms! Get DRUNK!!! (in the Spirit! You know what I mean!!!) It's so hard NOT to be intoxicated by His love!
DRESS UP!!! Let His glory SHINE from within you!!! Go to high new places in the Spirit and follow His lead!!! Tell Him... "You jump, I jump, Jesus!"
I promise you, it'll be the experience of a lifetime, but just the first of many that He has in store for those who love Him enough to look Him in the face and see the fire in His eyes for His Bride!
In Omnia Paratus!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet Lisa Anne! You are the most wonderful, amazing, sweet woman a person could ever know! I want to be that person that goes to jump with you!

Your Hubby.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Mama Lamba said...

What a lovely breath of invigorated air! Carpe diem, Sister!
Big ol' hugs,

2:31 PM  

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