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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Greatest Story Ever Told

I've learned a few things recently that I ought to at least try to communicate. New understanding, new depths of revelation. Our God is a God of Light. He IS Light. Jesus is the Light of the world. He was with God in the beginning. When God spoke, "Let there be Light" He was saying, "Let it be known that there is Light, I am speaking and illuminating My creation, that they might see, and turn from darkness to Light." Our day and night cycle is a metaphor for coming out of the domain of darkness into His glorious Kingdom of Light. The sun and all the stars are merely a metaphor, a story, written for us to begin to understand the power and nature of our God. The Kingdom of heaven is far more real than the earth and stars and moon and sun. In a sense, our whole exsistence is being lived out in a 3-D interactive storybook in God's hands. What seems so very real to us, if we had the Eternal Perspective, would be seen as a simple metaphor, a parable, a lovestory in a book. A "type" or shadow of the real thing. God being God, and the Author and Finisher of our faith, He created us... but unlike other authors, He brought the characters in His story to life! He made us "real" and gave us real choices, and when we chose to bring death on ourselves because we believed the lie the serpent told, He still loved us so much that He sent His precious Son right into the story to rescue us all. (Isn't it odd, how satan, who was thrown down from heaven for trying to exalt himself to the level of God, came and tempted God's creation with the very same folly he had committed? He told Eve that by eating the fruit they could become like God...and the enemy of our souls is still deceiving people with the same old lie. Mormons believe they will become God of their own universe. The deep thinkers in the New Age movement actively teach each person to say, "I am God... I am God... I am GOD!" Even more subtly, the enemy tries to get us to think the universe revolves around us and "it's all about me!")
As God unfolded His great love story, He did something nobody expected, except Jesus, who was in on it from the beginning. The Father wanted to save us from our folly and our impending death - He didn't want His precious characters to cease to exist when He closed the book on this universe. So He did something radical. He gave us "forever" life... transforming us from fragile butterflys to Everlasting Beings, capable of living in His presence and loving at a magnificent degree, able to carry the weight of His glory into the Storybook that is our collective Epic, and when our short story ends, we find that He has made us able to move from the written pages of His book into the reality of the home He has prepared for us in His presence. We are like His jewels, His bright points of light, coming up from death into newness of life, partaking of HIS nature and becoming His children - He delights in us and all our delight is in Him! God is an amazing Author! He wrote the ONLY story ever written. All other stories, be they good or bad, are merely pale shadows of some small word or phrase found in His Story! We all have a chapter to write by living, and we are all part of the greater tale, interwoven in ways we may never know!


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