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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Various and Sundry

Welcome back Blogger...
I've been MIA the last couple of weeks, but for a good reason. I had so much to process that I had to wait for some of it to "subside" so I could post coherently again. You might say that after a rather bounteous spiritual feast, I was overcome by the spiritual tryptophan and kicked back on the spiritual couch to watch spiritual football and recover (spiritually, that is!). It was definately a "thanks-giving" kind of meal!
The 202 class on Biblical intepretation of dreams and visions was beyond the pale. It was so good I don't even want to tell you how good it was. Suffice it to say I learned stuff I never knew I never knew! :) I know there's lots of stuff I don't know, but generally, I know I don't know it and have it catalogued to learn at some point in the future. It's a rare and wonderful thing to learn something you never knew you never knew! :) I'm very thankful for the teachers I've been given while living on this planet... wonderful, Godly men and women who've done so much more than pass on facts to me... they poured life and revelation and impartation into me. In the Bible, the spiritual gift of teacher (in Hebrew) is actually a word that means, "(one who) causes (others) to learn". Because of the loving kindess they've shown me over the years, I'd have to go even further and say they made me ABLE to learn! Isn't it wonderful when people walk according to their calling and according to the gifts of the Spirit that reside in them? Powerful stuff, folks. May we all learn to walk according to the upward call and by the Spirit.
We're so well-off... not only do we have wonderful, God-given teachers in our lives, but we also have the precious Holy Spirit, the ultimate Teacher who leads us into ALL truth! Jesus taught His disciples (and through the records of those days, He also taught us!). In the OT, we find a promise that all our children will be "taught of God". So it began, so it continues. We're all still teaching each other as well, encouraging and building each other up, sharing what we've been given from the vaults and store rooms of heaven!
All that to say, in essence, I'm grateful for how the Lord has provided such good teaching for us. I thankfully acknowledge that the Lord is good and faithful, and that I've been wonderfully "well-taught"! It's one of the many benefits of belonging to the Kingdom!
Here's my forecast...
In this next season, look for the Lord to restore the "signs and wonders" in the heavens... and a sense of awe to begin to pervade those who are Looking Up! Those who heed the call of heaven to "Come Up Here" will be given new revelation and bring back many of the secrets of the Kingdom to dispense on earth. Many will learn to walk under an open heaven in these days, causing the presence of God to come down and touch the earth. They will draw ever-wider circles around themselves as they go, and all who pass within their circumference will feel the effect of the Spirit of God coming into contact with them as believers grow up and grow strong in the Spirit. Many who have the "world-changer" calling will begin to walk into their destiny in the coming days, to the praise and glory of our Awesome GOD!
I also see increased warfare surrounding the church, with severe attacks coming from many directions. The good news is that the Lord has declared to His Bride, "You shall live, and not die!" and He will be faithful to deliver her from the hands of her enemy. In times of uncertainity, He will send good teachers to her, to give her refuge and direction. God is also releasing a large number of those with a supernatural gift of encouragement to the Bride, and to a lost and dying world. In this season God is also raising up special teachers for the children who will be able to impart to them the fullness of their destiny and inheritance. These teachers have been prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive these little ones in His name, to gather them in and breathe into them all that God has for them, so they can be released into the ministries to which they've been called.
Even so, Lord Jesus, quickly come! The Spirit and the Bride say Come!
(may God keep you in His tender care, 'till He brings us together again!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, good, good words Lisa-Anne!!! :)
Love and *Hugs*

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