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Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year Update

Hmmm, it's been entirely too long since I posted here!
I have some news. It's good news, and no, I'm not in the family way! I am, however, now officially an ordained minister of the Gospel. How's that for mind-blowing?
God is so good! I'm excited about the idea that I get to go around blessing people in His name for the rest of my life! I know I could do that without being ordained, but this way is just so much better! Having that covering and authority over me as well as the impartation and blessing and releasing to move into my calling and destiny is such a wonderful thing!
Now I can serve in prison ministry, be a hospital chaplain, and marry happy couples. I can baptize believers into the Body, I can bless and dedicate sweet little babies to the Lord, and I can ordain other ministers!
I think we're going to need all the ministers we can get, because the harvest is white in the fields and the workers are few. I'm thinking now that 95% of the folks in church should be ordained ministers and the other 5% should be the newly saved! (Being a "minister" doesn't mean you are limited to being a pastor; being a minister can be many other necessary things in the Body!) A dear friend of mine was praying about this recently, as to whether she should be "ordained" or not, and the word she heard from the Lord is this, "I would that all My people were ordained!" That makes sense to me!

My name means "Consecrated to the Lord, and Grace", so in one way I'm just living up to my name, being set apart as a minister of His grace. In another way, I've thrown myself with abandon into His arms, and declared that I where He goes, I will follow! I'm absolutely undone at His amazing Love and Goodness to me, and I marvel at how gently and tenderly He leads me! Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!
In His everlasting arms,
Reverend Lisa-Anne Wooldridge


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