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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Glory-Filled Cloud of His Presence

Early this morning,
the Lord woke me up and said, "Look out the window."
I was barely awake, someplace in between waking and sleeping, and I saw something I didn't understand. The whole world outside my window was covered in a THICK, Bright, Amber-colored fog or cloud.
The sky was full of it, and the ground was covered... I could barely make out the trees close to the window. The cloud of thick fog was all lit up, orange-like, like fire from within.
I saw it, and I think I was "slain" or else conked out really fast! Later this morning when I was becoming awake, I was hearing something about, "…opening Heaven, the cloud of My presence pours thickly into the earth, lit up by the Glory of the Son of God…”
And I was thinking... is that what it looks like? The fog was moving over the face of the earth like it was alive and so beautiful.
I do think I "overloaded" when looking out the window... blew a fuse in the Spirit, because normally when I see something neat in the early hours, I'm running downstairs to get the camera!
I keep seeing flashes of a Spiritual storm coming... with flashes of multi-colored Light inside the cloud. The cloud is like a wall on the ground, advancing. It’s more white than gray, and seems clearly defined. I can’t wait to be a “storm chaser” and run into it! I know it’s not dangerous for those of us who are able to breathe the air in there, who are ready and waiting for that atmosphere!
And then last night I saw a show was coming on TV called, "Category 6" (tornadoes only go up to category 5!) and I nearly lost it!!
I was thinking, “YES! YES! Wait till the church hears about the category 7 that’s coming from Heaven to the earth!!!!!!!!”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds familiar. ;) Sounds like such a beautiful sight. Next time could you *try* to get your camera? haha. Love you!!!!

8:34 PM  
Blogger Lisa-Anne said...

from my RiverMom LANI
WOW, darlingest Lisa-Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only is your revelation astoundingly beautiful and portentous, but earlier today (before receiving your wonderfully prophetic e-mail), I prophesied to Pastor Brent in response to his awesome post that THIS COMING YEAR @ BLAZING FIRE WILL BE A "CATEGORY 7" GLORY STORM!!!!

I think we are tracking together with Christ's Holy Spirit, dearest Riverdaughter Lisa-Anne \o/

And your pure revelation indicates that this unprecedented GLORY STORM will cover the planet!!!!! MORE, LORD!!!!!!!!!!! Let it come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus has us so undone ... His "laid-down lovers" ... His Glory Stormchasers, drunken with loves!!!

Have you read Rolland & Heidi's latest letter (just came out this week)? Let me know, and I'll send you the BLESSING!!

Speaking of blessings, YOU are a tremendous BLESSING, JOY, and GIFT of GOD, precious Lisa-Anne, and I'm so thankful to Jesus for you!!! Keep those awesome revelations comin' , Daddy!!!

Praying for you with so much thankfulness & LOVE, sweetest Lisa-Anne!!! And my hole in my arm is shrinking and it doesn't hurt any more! Your prayers ROCK!!!!

Might As Well Face It, I'm Addicted To LOVE!!!
Your loving RiverMom

9:34 AM  

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