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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Daily Flights of Fancy, departing from a blog near you!

I've been having fun playing with the Blog... I have a new article that I'm working on and ideas for several others. I decided to make this blog a combination sort of thing... Some of the posts will be articles that come in Devotional or Teaching format, and others will be like a live Journal, and still others will be rambling jaunts along the neural pathways that criss-cross my brain. You're welcome to come along with me, but beware the rabbit trails.
I posted a couple of my articles on a Web Board I'm part of. I was stunned by the extremely positive reactions. Now I just have to pray it doesn't go to my already oversized head. I'm accountable to my Hatmaker, you see. It sort of works like Pinochio's nose... :) He can tell when my head is getting a little puffed up. Everybody can tell. Thats because my hats become too tight and don't fit me anymore. One of the hats that He's given me to wear is "teacher". It's a good hat, a rewarding hat, but if my head gets too big He has to let the air out of me by reminding me I'm still the Student in His classroom, and have much to learn. Sometimes I get to wear my "writer" hat. I like that hat, too, because I'm like a reporter... I get to dive deep into the things of God and then come back and write what I discover. Sometimes I get to share those nuggets of revelation with others, and then I start feeling all good about myself. (Not that that is the problem, we're actually supposed to feel good about ourselves if we are indeed reborn as children of El Elyon!) When that happens though, sometimes I stop diving deep to find the words... and I settle for diving in the shallow waters of "what I know". If you catch me at it, you'll be my friend forever if you let me know! In that case, my head actually shrinks, because I know waaaay less than I think I do, and the writer hat just falls off.
I have lots of other hats... some I'm still growing into, some I've outgrown and stored in the closet for a future generation of hat-wearers to discover.
So now I'm going to pull a hat trick and disappear...


Blogger Mama Lamba said...

Hey! Alice the Ewe here, just chasing you down those rabbit trails! :-) Isn't this fun? LOL
TE (The Ewe)

6:45 PM  
Blogger Lisa-Anne said...

TE: Here comes Peter Cotton tail... Hopping down the Bunny trail... Hippety Hop... *grin*
*big hugs*

10:33 PM  

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